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9 truths and myths about cats

Truths and myths about cats

Next to the dog, the cat is the most popular domestic animal in the world. Even though the company of felines is so common in different types of cultures, our feline friends are surrounded by mysticism and a lot of mystery regarding their habits.

We at Fhasso Cat Bed also love everything that surrounds the cat world, so we present to you some interesting facts about them:

1. Is it possible to train cats?

TRUTH - The task requires a little more time and patience than it would take to train a dog, for example, but it is possible to do.

2. Cats have nocturnal habits?

TRUTH - Although they are domestic, cats maintain the physiology of a predator, with nocturnal habits, sleeping more during the day and using the night to hunt.

3. Do cats cling more to the home than to the owner?

MYTH – Cats are more independent and show affection in other ways, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t love their owner. Cats not only get attached to their owners, they can even get stressed when they are away for a long time. As for the house, it is the place that cats identify as their territory. That’s why when you move to a new home, it is worthwhile to keep them inside the house for a while so that they identify the new space as their home, instead of running away in search of the previous house.

4. Do cats use the litter box as a toilet because they are hygienic?

MYTH - Even though they are domestic, cats still maintain some wild animal instincts. As each cat has its natural odor, they hide urine and feces in the sand for fear of being found by predators.

5. Do cats present their owners with prey as a sign of love?

TRUTH - As a part of their connection with their wild ancestors, be happy if your cat appears with a bird as a gift.

6. Do cats need to roam?

TRUTH - Cats also like to explore what's outside the home. Therefore, as they are more reserved, it is important to take some precautions to prevent your pet from being stressed.

7. Are white blue-eyed cats deaf?

TRUTH - Cats with completely white fur and blue eyes are deaf from birth due to the presence of the W (“white”) gene.

8. Do cats see in the dark?

ALMOST TRUE - They have night vision ten times better than that of humans, but cannot see if it is completely dark.

9. Do they always fall on their feet?

ALMOST TRUE - If the fall occurs at a minimum distance of 60 centimeters from the ground so that they can manage to roll over in time, then yes.


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