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Do you have a cat at home?

Then it’s important to make some small adjustments to your home that will make them even happier. All while doing what’s best without ruining the décor:

  • BED: Invest in one of your cat’s favorite things, bedtime, since they spend an average of 16 hours a day in bed! That’s why you should bet on a bed that has both comfort and design… bet on a FHASSO bed;
  • SHELVES: Cats love to play and spend time in high up places around the house. Create walkways for yours with simple shelves of varying sizes;
  • TOYS: Instead of hiding them, join them together and incorporate your cat’s main toys into the décor. Even the big scratching post can become a part of setting up your cat’s surroundings;
  • ADAPT YOUR FURNITURE: With a little creativity, places such as the space in between cabinets or the stand underneath a table can be turned into a stylish playground for your feline.
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