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Fhasso Cat Bed was awarded Honorable Mention for IDA Design Awards

Sashe Group was Awarded Honorable Mention for Fhasso Cat Bedding project, competing in the category Design for Society during the 13th annual IDA - International Design Awards, which recognizes, honors and promotes legendary design visionaries and uncovers emerging talents in Architecture, Interior, Product, Graphic and Fashion Design on a global level.
“Achieving this recognition is a source of great pride for our team, since it is one of the most important international awards in the field, which evaluates the projects of designers and architects from around the world,” says Fhasso designer Simone Palladino.
For her, the recognition that the IDA Design Awards gives to the performance of designers and creators for improving their daily lives with more attractive and practical products, is also what guided the development of Fhasso beds. “Much more than looking at Design as a way to create objects with innovative functions, we are deeply aware of our responsibility to the environment, animals and the community with which we relate,” explains Palladino.
IDA honorary juries examined over 1000 entries submitted by architects and designers of different types: interior, fashion, product, and graphic from many countries throughout the world. After final decisions had been made, the jury rewarded the best professional and emerging designers for their achievements in terms of design, creativity, usability and innovation.


Company: Sashe Group
Lead Designers: Simone PALLADINO
Design Team: Simone Palladino and Flavio Piassi
Client:Fhasso Stylish Cat Bed
Credits: Rodrigo Palladino, Marcio Wagner, Alex Tran
Prize(s)Honorable Mention
Entry Description
We have long felt a deep connection with the people and culture that makes Vietnam such a special place. It is through this that we learned how bamboo is part of the fabric of their lives, which represents the resilience and bravery of the Vietnamese people. We have in our hands a work of art, handmade by these gentle and skilled people who value doing.Bamboo is a sustainable way of manufacturing the most diverse types of products without hurting the environment. It regenerates itself which in effect means it lives on forever.We believe that we can make a difference with our Eco-Friendly beds.

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