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Things that only happen to cat owners

If you already have the king / queen of your home, you will identify with one (or all) of the situations below. And if it hasn't happened yet, get ready because it will soon :) Have fun!

You thought you had lost your kitten and searched for hours, and then found it sleeping in the closet on a pile of black clothes that took you hours to fold;

  • You arrive from the supermarket with several full bags, only for the cat to climb inside one while watching you put away your purchases;
  • You have to pull the cat out of a drawer that you opened because the naughty thing jumped inside while you were folding the socks you wanted to put away;
  • You give your cat the best scratcher in the world, but you still have to accept that he prefers the armrest of the sofa;
  • You find out that the kitten has learned to turn on the kitchen tap with its smooth paws just to enjoy the running water, when it should drink water from the fountain that you have so painstakingly chosen;
  • You sleep squished in bed because your cat loves to sleep sprawled out, but you wouldn’t even dare to move him so as not to wake him;
  • You work on your laptop at home only when he allows it, since opening the laptop is clearly for the kitten to lie on top of the keyboard.

 So who cares? Cats are so special that just like you, we at Fhasso Cat Bed love everything about their personality! Especially that lazy side of them that sleeps for hours and hours in our bed.

Photo credit: @eloisefluff


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